Meh. I don't feel like having this site here anymore. Go screw yourselves!

(In case you were wondering, this site wasn't serious. It wasn't exactly a joke either. I did hate anime. The point was to rant on and on about how much I hated it without actually doing any research. Sadly most people seemed to be confused by this idea and assumed I was some sort of hardcore maniac or Catholic or something. Maybe I'll put this site back up some day... just for the hell of it. It's Dec 6 2004 by the way. As in, on Dec 6 2004 I said I might put this site back up, for the benefit of future generations of people who would like to witness a long rant, or for all those people who were sent here by other people who are pissed off and don't get it, and would also like to read something to get pissed-off at so they can post in their anime forums about how much this site sucks... If you're reading this and it's like 5 years from the above date, then obviously I was too lazy and never got around to it...)